Hollywood Slot Machines

Celebrity slots have become a common trend in casinos for decades, now the online gambling community has taken celebrity-themed slots to the next level. Many casino gaming sites have themed slot machines that coincide with the pop culture landscape. These slot machines are based around famous movies such as the classic action movie Terminator or comic book super-heroes and villians. Here is a small taste of some of the most popular pop-culture themed slots games that you can play.

Marilyn Monroe has two known slot machines named after her, Blonde Legend and Some Like it Slot, which comes from a film she starred in, directed by the legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder.

Blonde Legend is a popular online slot game that features 5 reels, 9 paylines, with the highest jackpot reaching 1,500 coins. The game features many images related to the late model and actress storied career. Fans of Marilyn Monroe will thoroughly enjoy pulling the lever to a game named after her and seeing Monroe’s career highlights flash before their eyes.

Monroe’s fame is still relevant today and so is arguably her most famous film “Some Like it Hot,” which was developed into a slots game titled “Some Like it Slots.” This game features 5 reels and 20 paylines, with a maximum jackpot of $75,000. The game also features many of Monroe’s greatest signature moments in the film.


If you enjoy free games and the music of 50 Cent, then his self-titled free blackjack game is exactly what you are looking for. The 50 Cent Blackjack game offers users a creative experience. Players are greeted by the rapper turned business man, before entering the game lobby. Inside the lobby players can create their own avatars, by customizing their look and style. This game is perfect for people that don’t want to spend real money on casino gaming and would rather play for free.

Both, Marvel and DC Comics have dominated the film and comic book industries for decades. The two comic books giants have used their super-heroes and villains alike to develop several successful online slots games.

The first Marvel slot game made its debut in 2005 and it immediately became a smash hit with the Marvel fans and the people that play online slots. Their first game offered progressive jackpots that no one else at the time of its release was offering. Marvel characters such as, Spiderman, Ironman, The Fantastic Four and X-Men are all featured on some of their slots games as well as many more characters that aren’t listed here.


Four years after Marvel launched their line of slots games, DC Comics signed a deal with Cryptologic, to develop slots games based off the DC comic book characters. The reason why people love these games so much is because they are familiar with the featured characters in the game. For example DC characters Superman, Batman and Wonder Women are all extremely popular pop culture icons.