Casino Games at the Cinema

Casino themed films have captivated audiences for decades, gambling has been a major part of cinema for decades. People enjoy watching famous celebrities dressed in fancy clothes, drinking expensive cocktails participate in a high-stakes poker game. Nothing beats the drama of an intense poker or blackjack game. Some of the greatest casino films ever made have captured these cinematic moments. From Casino Royale to the Martin Scorsese directed film Casino, this is our countdown of the top 5 greatest casino movies ever made, based on reputation and box office success.

    Casino Royale:

Casino Royale, the twenty-first film of James Bond series and the first with Daniel Craig as 007. The film follows Bond as he tries to defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker. James Bond must prevent Le Chiffre a known terrorist from winning his money back. This Bond film is packed full of classic James Bond action scenes that are both thrilling and dramatic.

    Ocean’s Eleven:

The second best gambling movie is Ocean’s Eleven. The film, which premiered in 2001, features a star- studded cast that includes, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts. The premise is a group of con men that try to rob three casinos simultaneously.


The third best gambling movie is 21, the film tells the tale of six MIT students that learned the art of card counting through the teachings of one of their professors, played by Academy Award Winning actor Kevin Spacey.


The fourth best casino/gambling related film is the Martin Scorsese directed Casino that touches on the dark side of gambling, greed, murder, money and power. If you love mob crime-noir movies then this film is just what you are looking for. You see the golden age of Las Vegas flash before your eyes. With amazing footage of the Vegas Strip and the mobsters that operated the casinos.


The fifth casino film called Rounders,stars A list actors Matt Damon and Edward Norton is about a law student that loses all of his money in a high-stakes poker game to a poker shark played by John Malkovich. Mike Mcdermott (Matt Damon) and his just out of jail friend Worm (Edward Norton) team up to play high stakes poker games to try and get back there loses.